We are hungry for challenges – FEEEEED US!


Corporate Identity / Design, Graphic Design,
(logo, posters, illustrations and more).

Interior Design

Story telling of your brand into space.

Product Design

We love designing products.

Fashion Design

Our designers adore branding your business and fashion needs in unique ways.


Web Design
(IA, GUI, Web Solutions, eCommerce, CMS, Custom Programming and more).
WordPress Service


Video production

We provide all creative direction, vision and project management of photography & video production.


Offline / Online – Cross-Media!
(SEO, Social Media, Newsletters and more).

App Development

We like apps that are practical, applicable and adds to your brand.

Companies who trust us

60 Road Studio – Ammo – Angkor Children Hospital – Angkor Photo Festival – Asian Bliss Tours – Heritage Adventures – Bambustage – Bang Bang Bakery – Barcode – Beatnik Bar – Blue Indigo Cottage – Breathe Oz – Cafe Central – Cafe Indochine – Chubmet Music & Art Festival – CPCS – Craft – Dr. Trish – EGBOK – Fifty5 Kitchen Bar – The Giant Puppet Parade – Gudmar – Heritage Suites Hotel – Hoola Hoop The World – Hunter Estate – Jana’s Cakery – LBeauty Salon – Lolei Travel – KOW Dutchdesign – Miss Wong – Mulberry Hotel – Navutu Dreams Resort  – New Leaf Eatery – Pavillon d’Orient – Phare Creative Studio – Play Golf Asia – Raytecs – Sala Bai – Pactics – Pagoda Cats Siem Reap – Siem Reap Shuttle – Sothearat Seoung – Stamp! – TGF – The Butterfly Pea – The Harbour Siem Reap – The Sun Restaurant – Tini Tinou Festival – Tuk Tuk Tacos – Vietnam Bike Tours – Villas Kamboja – Voiceover Cambodia – Water on Wheels – Zita’s Bakery

I’ve been working with OPTe since arriving in Siem Reap last year and purchasing what is now the Butterfly Pea. From day one it was a perfect fit, having a background in marketing and branding myself, I couldn’t be more pleased. They are professional and team players and I am proud that they have worked with me on all of my projects. They are true partners.

John Ganshaw

Owner, the Butterfly Pea

Our website received its much-needed reboot from OPTe. They’re a pleasure to work with, we never once felt that we were bothering them with questions and updates. Requests and design ideas were professionally discussed and handled with transparency. All assistance and advice we needed were given without hesitation and it felt like we were priority number one. Choose OPTe if you want a great professional website with excellent professional service.

Romina Olmoguez

GM, Pages Rooms & Cafe